Graham Harris is the principal of AcuteIP.com.

Remember a decision you had to make despite not enough information? You would have been less exposed if you could have got the uncertainty measured and reduced, quickly, systematically and cost-effectively?

That's what I do, using science and my own years of spending millions every year. Can you imagine how it works?

Trained, experienced and energetic leader, problem solver and company director. I confidently bridge the cultural gap between technologists and business people, interpreting their languages and perspectives to the other.

Particularly skilled at managing project uncertainty at all stages- proposal development, commercial validation, prioritisation and funding, through to implementing projects and realising the benefits.

Developed tools drawing on project management, statistics and academic research to massively improve the reliability of forecasts and risk assessments, and how they are communicated between stakeholders.

Saved millions of dollars for large users by resolving uncertainty over their entitlements and use of software licences.

Worked as project sponsor, PMO, programme and project manager in large businesses.

Led a software development and support organisation for several years.

Led large procurement exercises for businesses and government, and helped organisations resolve issues with services supplied to them by third parties or internal suppliers.

Used my IT and project management skills and qualifications in the UK, New Zealand, USA, Europe and Australia.

Commit time every month to professional development and looking at related fields outside my experience, through rubbing shoulders with entrepreneurs and developers and getting hands-on where I can as a volunteer.

Leading teams and managing both projects and business as usual activities.
Managing development and risk- including high risk start-ups
Intellectual Property (freedom to operate, patent, copyright, software, trade secrets)